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“The workers would control the government in a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat.’”

Communism is a form of the society based on the ideologies of Karl Marx that the wealth is distributed throughout the state. The main point of this type of society is the equality of the people.

In early days, Capitalism had created unequal distribution of wealth and material goods. Communists believed that it was unfair that capitalist employers took advantage of workers. They thought people should get equal profit and so the community of state must lead to protect workers. Therefore in the communist countries, the community or the state own property and the means of production and the wealth is distributed equally. People need one another, and when people work together as equals, they could achieve greater things. The state also provide education and healthcare, and it controls the economy too. In the communist countries, there is a classless society which means all members of society are considered to be equal. And because of this equality of the people, no one should have more than anyone else. Communism states everybody’s needs are equally important. However, in Capitalist states, employers gain all profits, but the workers get nothing. Capitalism is quite egoistic and unfair compared to the Communism.

Communism had expanded to all parts of the world during the Cold War. At the peak of Communist expansion in the 1980s, about 20 nations were Communist-controlled, including two of the world’s largest; Mao Zedong’s China and Lenin’s Soviet Union. In this days, there are only five Communist countries left: China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba. However, this result does not mean that the Communism is a bad idea of the society. It’s ideologies are perfect and more respectful and generous to the people than the ideologies of Capitalism. The reason that the Communism had almost failed is because of people’s selfish mind. They wanted more advantage than others. Some of them didn’t work hard as other people did. As a result, it became difficult to distribute wealth because there was a huge disparity of amount of works between people. However, if people had respect and think others, then there might be more communist countries in now days.

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