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RSS Cacillas

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Are you aware of the difference of Communism and Capitalism? or the reasons the Capitalism is prevailing Communism system for these days? The people like us, who have lived and adopted Capitalism system, spawning vast social problems, for the whole life, mostly have biased view about Communism in the negative aspects. Therefore people reply “yes” for the question, and compare all the bad or negative examples of Communism with all the good or negative examples of Capitalism for the backing reasons. This is completely wrong way for comparing two systems objectively, and This is the legacy of the propaganda of Government’s policies. Though there are some practical and available problems, However, seeking rising social problems from Capitalism in these days, Communism is a way better than Capitalism for a government system, due to the reasonable, historical, and problem solving aspects as ideal communities.

Communism is reasonable for a government system by a problem solving cause such as human equalities. The Capitalism is based on economic growth, which means, the priority is not humanity, but properties. Therefore people study, play instruments, and sports for competing with other people. Therefore, always the huge gap between rich and poor exists, and still it is widen its gap exponentially. In fact, only one percent of American population monopolize forty-two percent, and eighty percent of American population share ten percent of wealth in U.S. (Source: William Domhoff) In contrast, Communism is based on human rights, which means the priority is humanity. All the wealth distributes in same rates and people are treated and work equally. It excludes competition, and encourages classless societies. Communism will automatically abate the wide gap between rich and poor, and also discrimination between classes and classes such as racism, feudalism and etc.

In conclusion, Communism will absolutely solve the growing global social problems such as discrimination among the human race, or individuals, and also the biased aspects of Communism. Therefore, Communism is a way better than Capitalism for a government system, due to the reasonable, historical, and problem solving aspects as a future, or ideal societies.

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