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Firstly the main difference between Capitalism and Communism is one is collective and the other is individualistic. Communism is collective in the way that equality is present. Equality over the basic needs of life and ownership distribution. Capitalism is not a system but a principle. A principle of freedom and property rights.

In capitalism there is no group or individual set to control that principle but it lies in each and every citizen. However this is the opposite in Communism and the extent to freedom and property rights are leveled out.

The many benefits of communism are indicative of a society with the value for people. More specifically the creation of one's self to the fullest. For example in a Capitalist country like the United States of America, the levels of innovation always rise and give way to companies across the world. Not only do they contribute to supply in other nations but also spread the ideas of creativity and new ideas. This also leads to economic growth. Therefore increasing capital of the country, all through the idea of supply and demand. From the private ownership who supplies and the demand that the people freely make to buy the products.

Now what would happen if this ability to use creativity to privately own and sell innovations was restricted through the government. Like in Stalinst Russia. Where even if the innovation had nothing to with opposing Stalin, the innovation was not catering the need for the state's beliefs and therefore would be banned. This would result in people loosing their intellectual property for other people, who have not worked for it or contributed anything to it. So why is it that they share it with the creator. However even in Communism, suppose you did have some freedom to invent. What would be the motive if you know it's going to be distributed in terms of the revenue. This is very diminishing to many and this profit motive is greatly present in capitalism.

The next aspect is the point of induviduality. What seperate's one from the other? How would their be competition if there is no free market? How would a nation then compete with another nation? Once again take a look at Stalinst Russia when their 5 year plan failed to meet the standards it set and still would be far lower in production than other nations.

Some question the unfairness to those who are not able to work due to disabilities or age. Well these people in the U.S for example have health care laws and retirement plans. Also for those who in poverty, welfare is provided. If we look at a situation where you end up in failure. Whether you, your family or a whole part of the nation then who is to blame? In communism the government who regulates or the group in which your part of is to blame and in capitalism you only have yourself to blame. This fault can easily lead to unrest and war. I think that getting it over with your the government is much more uncivilized and time consuming than with figuring one's own life.

Finally, people can live freely. Without having to worry about any restrictions except the legislative, who protects freedom. One can explore life to it's fullest and experience the true self. If you want to give money to charity it's your choice. But in communism the system is a flowing charity while in capitalism it's a life of your choice.Where people own, some don't and other's are free. So Capitalism is far better than communism because it sustains and devlops innovation, induviduality and economic growth plus saves from war most of all, protects freedom.

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