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I believe consciousness has a limit unlike greed. (Capitalism uses the Human nature- Greed as a motivation to work hard.) When we studied more but got same grade as others, we generally feel some kind of anger. Likewise, if someone work less and get same amount of salary, we feel some kind of anger or sore. Your conscious to work hard will be covered by the desire to rest more even though you were a hard worker. (The communist country should use some methods that keep people’s consciousness up to work hard.) In that condition, it is very difficult to get more amounts of products and critical idea to invent better products. Thus, communism is disadvantageous for the nation’s economic growth.

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As everyone in the world has different aspect on economic system, there is no wrong answer between communism and capitalism; however, it is more effective and beneficial to have capitalism rather than communism for its nation’s economic growth.

At first, a lot of historical events have already shown that capitalism is more effective for the economic growth compared to communism. For example, the tremendous economic growth that Americans experienced from the time of the original Tea Party up to 1914 was the result of economic freedom from government regulation, open boarders for free immigration, and very few trade restrictions on the global flow of goods, services, and capital. Moreover, the most significant factor in China economy’s exponential growth is related to capitalism too. China has decided a capitalist system for specific area to be exclusive industrial zone. This change let rapid economic growth in China.

Secondly, freedom in economic activity is limited in communism compared to capitalism. For example, anyone can benefit from their success through private accomplishments in Capitalist country. According to the basic principle of capitalism, harder you work, greater you award. Thus, people might put more effort on their work with their greed to have more property, which becomes motivation to the economic growth. In other word, people produce good products in low price by critical thinking since it is a free competitive market for more private benefits. This led to the outcome of supplying better in materials, shape, and use goods. Moreover, people can choose the occupation by themselves, produce whatever they want, and consume what they want so that they can improve their talent more effectively.

However, people in communist country cannot have their own property, which prevent people’s nature-greed. Bill gates, who is a famous American programmer doesn’t need to give his all money to the government since he is not in communist country; thus, he can earn everything from what he has achieved.

Some communists say that capitalism is disadvantageous in rich and poor gap. However, enforcement of labor union and income redistribution policy’s being promoted shows its unfairness between rich and poor is overcoming through some methods.

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