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2 points

If everybody did the same amount of work (which is what is supposed to happen), the state wouldn't have to treat people differently.

And brainwashing is used in capitalist states as well: is called "advertising"

2 points

How did this comment get so many up votes??? O.o

Anyway I think you should clarify which system you stand for, because right now I can't clearly understand if you're defending communism or capitalism

3 points

Communism is a political thought based on sharing of efforts and sharing of resources.

There are a few points that support the idea that communism is a better system than capitalism.

Firstly, in a communist state, people are all treated equal, regardless of education, financial stability, and so on. Economic boundaries don’t separate or categorize people, a situation that eliminates crime and violence.

Secondly, since in a communist regime the state owns all the means of production, every single citizien is entiteled to have a job. These work opportunities help everyone to eat and survive, and at the same time boost state production and efficiency.

Thirdly, in communist societies, everyone is believed to be equal. This means that everyone can work hard equally and harmoniously without stabbing each other’s backs. All the work and responsibility are shared equally among the citizens. If everything is shared equally, people will not envy thir neighbours for their sports car, and evryone would live harmoniously and economic development can be maintained .

Finally, the sense of cooperation would allow for healthy distribution system. There would be efficient resource distribution, even in poorly accessible areas. This would allow for a fast response time in case of emergency situations and an easier distribution of goods.

4 points

You are saying that without competition there would be no motivation for development. This is not exactly true, especially considering that in a communist state, even if there is no competition between single citiziens, the goal of those citiziens is not to get more power over others, is to make the state become the best and most powerful it possibly could.

If everybody in a communist state worked hard to reach that goal, maybe there would be even more development than in a capitalist nation. The problem is not in the actual ideology of communism, it's in the menatality of most humans: we always have to rise over others without thinking about a greater good.

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