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Christianity's true purpose is not as said, "[It is simply another way to get people to believe they are better than others. Christians claim their God is superior, thus they kill everyone else and try to extend the support of their own "invisible man in the sky." (George Carlin)]" It has changed and been abused over the years. Some "religious" people have using their man-given power, such as the pope to start the Crusades or other slaughterings that were, "in God's name" but were the farthest from. The of Christianity is to spread the good news yes, but it has never been the Christian goal to kill in order to spread the religion. You say "We weren't made like this, were we?" though do you truly believe we were created at all? True war were started under the claim of "religion" though I don't believe that was the true motivation.

8 points


Capitalism is an economical system based on an ideology that emphasises on the importance of the individual’s rights to choose his work, his goals, and his pursuit in life. Capitalism is mainly based on the relationships between consumers, laborers, and the capitalists. The system is defined by the market; capitalists and laborers creating and exporting more goods for less than what they import and buy, creating a flow of capital that benefits those who work and produce, as well as those buying.

Capitalism is most commonly associated with America, as it believes in freedom, and individuality. America grants the most basic traits of Capitalism, private ownership of the means of production, a social class structure of free wage-earners and private owners, along with a certain division of labor and commercial organization of market. In an ideal Capitalist society everyone would work to earn their wages, not have them handed out. As America was founded on biblical theology, one theme was, “If a man does not work, let not eat also.” This doesn’t apply to special cases such as injured or sick, thought the logic is undeniable. Japan also uses Capitalism in the early 1900’s, though they came into it from a feudalistic society. They began this as they were forced to open to the western influence and establish trade, due to the threat of being attacked. Though Japan was forced into it, they began to flourish under this new system of government and marketing, and later becoming a world power. Capitalism is a system where hard work can pay off, and no one is left free-loading, while the truly needy are taken care of.

Communism on the other hand is a system where the government controls all of the choices and aspects of the people’s lives, removing from them their freedom. In an ideal world though, where the obvious block of human nature doesn’t apply, Communism would be a system where people would all work for the benefit of all. People would all be equal, except the government, and despite the job you did you would all get paid the same, and be treated the same. Again, ideally, people wouldn’t be selfish or overly motivated to dominate a business and get ahead. Though the idea of a perfect ideal society is a great thought, it is still only a thought. Human nature, greed, and envy will prevail causing a rupture in the system, where someone will have to step up and over power another. Though the power defaults to the government, despite the “equality” of the system. The system hasn’t ever caught on without being forced, further proving the flaws of Communism.

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