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First of all, you mentioned that people work together and share it, but actually this stimulates workers not to put their effort on work and become lazy.

Secondly, the idea itself of communism is good. As you said, all people in communism are equal however being as a country, they need leader, and they already have it. That leader get more salary, furthermore the leader can get food though when everyone else are starving. And from all these aspects we can say the leader of communist country is a dictator. Finally, you said we see others as enemy. This seems bad but actually it isn't.

Competing is the dynamism of development, which means well-intentioned competition is helpful and necessary in many ways.

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Capitalism is an economic system ruling by capital which is on purpose of the pursuit of profit. The advantages of capitalism are the government has limited control over business, which lets business compete. Capitalism lets people choose what kind of work they want to do and where they want to work. Capitalism lets people decide what they want to do with their money if they want to put it into a retirement account or in the stock market. Being specific, the market efficiency is higher, has economic prosperity and economic freedom, there is less poverty than Communist countries which means it is wealthier than it, and taxes are less. Therefore compare to Communism, Capitalism is superior on every matter of economy.

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