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3 points

In modern days, issues relating to the communist groups are constantly debated around the globe. These recurring debates often brings curiosity among citizens and questions the term communism. Unfortunately, it’s quite depressing and frustrating that most people, using their shallow knowledge, view communism as a violent, unjustful, and terrifying idea which brings catastrophe in nations. It is completely understandable that people get these impressions but the reports and descriptions about communist nations are the result of their stupid persistence of greed, not communism itself. Communism is an idea which promotes free society with no division or alienation where there are no defined government which controls the society. Though people view this in a negative perspective, we cannot ignore its positive and rational traits found in various aspects of society; promotion of equality between gender, denial of dominance of economy by huge industries and support for education and health care provided by the government. Among these traits, I'd like to focus on the idea everyone agrees to and is constantly promoted in the society; pursuit of equality between gender and classes. For centuries starting from the Enlightenment, people fought against the bias and the sense of superiority over women and the poor which were inherited by our ancestors. Communism promote this as not just an idea, but a policy and a common sense everyone has to follow. Applying this to the society will accelerate resolving issues relating to foul treatment toward not only to women but also to people suffering from class difference. Moreover, this can also promote a balanced society where the economy is developed and maintained by not just few extremely wealthy enterpreneurs, but by everyone, each in various states and from different fields. Through these changes to be brought through implication of communism ideas, we can create a more stronger yet stabilized society. However, it is true that some communist nations are deteriorating but this is just a result of misconception of the principles and traits of communism. If adjusted correctly, containing the same goals as the original concept, communism will definitely be beneficial to various nations.

0 points

Hmm....question calder, are you against the idea itself or the policies used to practice the idea?

4 points

I get your point and your rage about North Korea's immature behaviors and extreme pursuit of communism. But what really frustrates me in your comment was your view toward communism. Basically, as you are definitely aware of, communism hopes for a Utopia based on the desires of thousands of people accumulated for centuries; creating a society where everyone is equal. It is true that there are various forms of equality and communism can be seem aggresive, but we need these form of strong statements and ideas which represents the plead of millions of suppressed workers and peasants. Furthermore, though we cannot make a Utopia where everyone are equal in every aspect, developing from the fundamental principles of communism, we can adjust it to our society such as Leninsm which was made to fit the Russian society. I hope you will understand our points and this answered several doubts you had.

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