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RSS Susmera

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Capitalism is a better option as a form of government; it came into being after feudalism had disappeared from the west. It actually means that the government does not have full control over private businesses and over private properties. That is, the laissez-faire of the government is not totalitarian. It helps the nation economically, motivates the people and supports free enterprise, unlike communism. In communism should create a classless, moneyless and stateless social order but in reality it does not hold true. On paper and in theory it sounds very promising, but it is never maintained true to its principal. This philosophy was adopted by Carl Marx in Russia and in China; it is often mistaken as a socialist government too.

Capitalism has been favored by the western world. It is a total contrast to socialism and all the goods and services are produced directly for their utility and not only for profit seeking businesses. There are many types of capitalism. Britain and France follow Mercantilism, where there is a positive balance of trade with other nations and thereby the wealth of the nation also increases. The western and northern European countries follow the social market economy, which allows free market system. Many countries are following State capitalism where there is more productive efficiency and a fair distribution of wealth.

If communication were such a better option then the Soviet Union wouldn’t have collapsed after the Cold War where it was considered one of the super powers. Communism does not give the stability to the government because it needs a dynamic, selfless and efficient leader who can share the profits equally without being bias or partial. But seeing the unrest in all the political unrest in a communist government, I would definitely say that capitalism is a far better option.

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