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RSS Trotsky

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When we see Capitalism, it is a system that focuses on the development of economy. It is said that everyone can earn their money depend on their effort on their own work. Is this theory work in reality? Actually not. This is easily proved by the graph of financial wealth distribution in the U.S

Net worth and financial wealth distribution in the U.S in 2010

Source : Wolff.E.N

Seeing graph, 1% of top class in the United States, one of the major Capitalism country, earn 42% of financial wealth while bottom 80% of people earn 5%. This does not mean top 1% of people work more than the sum of work which bottom 80% of people did. Under Capitalism, only people who have money can earn money easily, while lower class cannot earn a lot though they work very hard. The eocnomical gap between top-class and bottom class has increased greatly and this will increase more and more as the time flows. (Percent change in After-Tax income since 1979 ) This increase will make the riches to maintain their rich, while the poor cannot get out of the swamp of poverty. This will give high possibility of creation of slum, where poor people live. This slum will decrease overall safety of society and increase the number of crime, give great harm to overall country.

Though there are several types of communism made and changed by various people. However, Marx's Marxism is the most well known communism type and this influenced to many people to create other types of communism such as Leninism. Marxism's communism's base is simple. There is no class, state, and personal property in the society and all the properties are common ownership. There is no person who hire people to work for him and give majority of benefits only to him. The owner of the country under Communism are Proletariat, workers, in Marxism. People work for all people and all the products made by people's work are distributed equality to everyone. No one will become failure since every properties are distributed equally to everyone. As every people in the country work for country's development, country will grow with every people in the country.

These are the reasons why Communism is the better system than Capitalism in economical views. It is true that Capitalism might develop faster than Communism because there are excessive conflict between people to people, corporation to corporation. And what was the result? Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis? Lots of people with no job?. It is certain that Capitalism has high possibility to develop faster. However, there are many serious side-effects in fast development. Those side-effect will eventually draw countries far backward and lots of people will suffer from it. On the contrast, though Communism might develop slower than Capitalism country, it will develop without many side-effects and will become to have stronger base than Capitalism country.

3 points

You cannot say Capitalism is better than Communism because more countries in the world follow capitalism instead of Communism. There is no rule that majority are always better than minority. Also, it is true that 'best' will come out quicker in Capitalism than Communism since there are severe competition between people to people, company to company there will be severe side-effect of competition to come out with best result. For 'one best', majority of people in society become a 'failure'. This has also shown in Industrial Revolution, one of the your evidence. During Industrial Revolution, while few people were making money and living well, majority of people, who are factory workers were living in horrible situation. This has not changed a lot nowadays too. And this problem that Capitalism has will eventually draw society backward greatly as the economical gap between people to people grow bigger and bigger and make the class between people to people, which will lead severe conflict between class to class.

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