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I read your argument and I would like to dispute against your argument. You said the communism provides the equal amount of money to everyone so everybody could live stateless. However, do you think it spurs the motivation of workers? You also said that even though the motivation of workers go down, they can be distributed the same amount of resources by the government. I have a question. Where does the government get this money to buy the resources. This is from the worker. However, worker doesn't want to work. How do you think about that? In addition, Capitalism doesn't say that the workers should be remained as the poor. Capitalism actually provides the opportunity to work in society unlike Communism. Capitalism really fairly redistributed the resources depending on how much you work. Nobody said that you can't work in Capitalism. You have to earn money by your self. And only lazy people don't try and don't get their profits. And blaming about Capitalism. Thank you for reading!

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The capitalism is an economic system in which the factors of production are privately owned and money is invested in business ventures to make a profit. Actually, this idea helped industrialization to occur. However due to this idea, there was a gap increasing between the rich and the poor. As the result, some people like Marx and Lenin demanded the idea of communism. The communism is a form of complete socialism in which the means of production would be owned by the people. That means everybody should be sharing equal amount of profits. However, I strongly disagree with this idea because capitalism helps more for the country to develop and grow through the competition and most importantly, it gives us the freedom..

First of all, the Capitalism allows people to work more effectively. If you work hard, then you get more. This is the basic idea of Capitalism. Therefore, everybody could use their abilities. While, the Communism discourages the competition among people. Because they would get the same amount of money regardless of the amount they work. To illustrate this point, North Korea is a Communist country. However, this country is having a hard time to grow faster. Do you know the reason? Because, they don’t have the motivation to work. Everybody gets same amount of money and everything is not the property of them. They don’t have desire and motivation so they don’t work. Therefore, the country doesn't grow.

In addition,Governments should not interfere with the rights of the individuals to make their own living. I think the people must have their freedom. And Capitalism allows this freedom because the government does not disturb with high taxes. As I said, this idea spurs industrialization. That means it allows us to think more creatively. And this creative thinking allows the innovation and the invention. However a communist country doesn't allow people to think creatively. Think about the dictator of Russia, Stalin. He really didn't want people to think creatively. He only wants the people to think in his way. As the result, the country can not develop as quick as other country. If the government interfered with their lives, there would be discouragement among workers, and they might not want to work more. It allows us the country to grow more and more.

You know what? The people who insist the communism are the poor. However, nowadays, people should work with their own abilities. Nobody who loves capitalism said you have to be poor. There is always the opportunity to become rich unlike the communism. The only problem is that the poor doesn't want to work hard because they’re lazy. Therefore, only this way, the country and the business will prosper. I strongly agree with Capitalism.

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