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First of all, in a communist regime, people are treated equally regardless of their educational background, financial situation, religion or race. Economic boundaries don’t separate or categorize people, a situation that eliminates crime and violence.

In the communist system, everyone is entitled to a job, because all industry is owned by the government. And it can provide jobs for a majority of the people. Everyone in a communist country is given enough work opportunities for them to live and survive.

In communism, the government controls the economy and thus provides a certain amount of stability. Every citizen is required to work in order to receive benefits, and those that don’t have corresponding sanctions. This creates an incentive to participate and to help in economic growth.

In communism, there are equal laws for all and if the citizens abide by these laws, this leads to a harmonious spirit of sharing with one goal. This consequently builds stronger social communities, and an even stronger economy.

In communist societies, everyone is created equal. This means that everyone can work hard and earn an equal share of the profits without any competition. This leads to the smooth operation of business without envy or jealousy that could go against the goals of the state.

Communist societies are very efficient at resource distribution even in localized areas. This is very important especially in times of need and in emergency situations.

Communism still has its practical aspects, especially in controlling natural resources.

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