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2 points

Dear comrades, I apologize for joining this argument while we're down in points, but I do like that I've joined this late, as I was able to read all arguments thoroughly before voicing my thoughts. As for my opponents, in the nicest way possible, I believe that you are wrong, and that is the reason for continuing with this debate. The theories behind true communism have been in place from ancient times, and there is a reason why, the theories and motives behind communism are far superior than those of capitalism. There are two separate ways to argue this, depending on how you interpret the assignment. I chose to argue both the theory and the practice.

The theory of communism is far superior to capitalism. The extreme form of communism is no government. In that, everyone would have to work together to pull the country. This has worked before, as when humans were in their early stages, they naturally went for this option, which makes more sense. Groups of people were smaller at that point were quite small, but it still worked, and for thousands of years, mind you. Now the extreme form of capitalism is that the rich own the government. I believe that most of you would enjoy this, as most people in this school are well off, and almost all of you look to rich people in aspiration. But think of it this way, if you weren't rich, you would be a slave to those who were. In the extreme form of capitalism, people do not have equal rights. Now tell me that I'm wrong, because I honestly hope that I am, since I'm from a country that strives to be pure capitalist...

Now my main argument for practice is simple. Most forms of communism haven't been allowed to continue to grow. China is the best example we have, as it's economy is far superior to many of the countries in today's world, which thoroughly disproves the economic argument between the two. Though china is grand, almost all other forms have been attacked by the capitalists that fear the ability communism has to grow. Russia, Vietnam, Korea, and . These countries would have grown into major world powers if they had been allowed to. In short, the idea of communism hasn't worked because our modern society has forced it away.

Now I'd like to finish my argument with a question. Wouldn't you like to live in a small class of you, your immediate family, and your close friends, above a lower level of equals?

2 points

Nihaal has already said a lot of good point to counter your arguments, so I'll keep it simple, and short.

Democracy does not belong solely to capitalism. Communism has existed with democracy before, so has socialism. I therefore find your point completely invalid.

As for the economy, private ownership can increase business by quite a lot, but does it truly make the economy stronger, in communism, you'd have a more stable economy, and a lot of more manual labor, which gives you a lot to work with, when boosting the economy.

In your argument, you mentioned how people are happy when they fell that they are part of a society. That I believe is false. Most people under capitalism would realize how truly insignificant they are, as there would be many people in any country. The happiness maps that you have mentioned are a good boost for your team, but we can all agree that this is because communism has not been allowed to succeed in our modern society.

2 points

First of all, in the most ideal form of communism, there is no such thing as money, because the concept of people owning more value than others defeats the purpose of communism. In the best case scenario of communism, you would barter your skills as a person for what you want. The lazy man would most likely not survive. In this case your point of people having different skills would work quite well.

As for your point on China, you might want to google Maoism before you continue on this debate blind. Speaking of that, I believe your interpretation of the assignment is the that we are arguing over the perfect forms of these governments. Now with that in mind, name a country that uses perfect capitalism. Do remember that in perfect capitalism there are not equal rights...

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