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RSS Kangdanim

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As you mentioned, communism crashes with human mentality, so it cannot be a better system than capitalism in reality. If everyone in a communist nation can be motivated in a healthy way, then communist will be perfect. However, without giving the hard workers enough "prize", most people will just get lazy and not work hard enough. Since the point of communism is everyone getting the same amount of wealth, the state cannot treat the hard workers differently. Another way of motivating them will probably be forcing or brainwashing them, but these do not sound so humane, do they?

5 points

Let's start with the basics; Capitalism is about individual wealth, and communism is about common wealth. When capitalism encourages competition, communism encourages unity and equality. It is true that communism looks more ideal, but as a whole nation, capitalism is a better choice.

If there is no competition, there will be absolutely no motivation for development; the nation will be self-sufficient, but not improving. When there is no development, the nation surely will be behind among nations, and get poorer as a result.

Even if the nation gets poorer, they will still share the wealth. An enthusiastic worker and a powerless old man gets the same wealth, that is just not fair, even though it looks fair on the surface.

Everyone should be equal, but everyone is different. People should be treated differently, depending on how much they show their worth. Capitalism will lead to the least waste of resources and the most healthy competition resulting a development.

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