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I didn't say I support North korea in any of my argument. i think you have so much biased stereotypes that communist state is equal to North korea. Communism can be clarified into two specific parts which are extreme communism and communism, and North Korea is the part of nation that is in the state of extreme communism. Besides, there are many successful communist countries such as China and Russia like you said. Also, what is the relationship between communism and radioactive tests in North Korea? I didn't figure it out

7 points

Don’t you suffer under the system of capitalistic cooperation between the wealth people? Many middle-class people in U.S.A are suffering because of an unemployment due to recession of economy in these days. On the other hand, the wealth people still remain their budget even if the economy goes down. Therefore, I’m claiming communism is the only solution that all people can be happy in a society.

First of all, communism is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless , moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership that aims at the establishment of social order. It is based on the Marxist theory that emphasize the productive forces and the distribution of resources based on the needs. This means the wealth is equally distributed in the state of communism, while there is a wide gap between poor and wealth in the state of capitalism. Even if some workers may lose their motivation to work hard, at least all people can live self-sufficiently with the provide of resources by the state. In addition, education and health care is provided by the state without any payment of insurance. This point provides the strong points of communism as the state provides money if there is a problem in one’s health or educational problem. In a capitalistic country, people have spent about half of their income to education of the children and health insurance. Finally, communist society aims the classless society that all people are considered to be equal.

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