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Capitalism is an economic system which gives the citizens of a country the freedom to choose his path of life. It is the best form 0f government. In a capitalist state the government of that country does not have full control over the private businesses and properties of the people. It is like the opposite of a totalitarian government. Here people have freedom to do what they want and what they are good at. It is one of the most successful governments too.

In a capitalist country the system of the government is democratic. A great president Abraham Lincoln once said (referring to a democratic government.)”A Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. “Even he agrees wit me that a democratic government is strong. Cause, its made by the people, as in the leaders are voted by the people, for the people as in the leaders are there for the people, they are there to represent their people. And finally of the people, the leaders are of the people, they are just ordinary people who are elected as leaders. Therefore a democratic government is strong and statistics show that almost all of the countries which have a democratic government have the best economies, and all the people here are very happy. Like America has been a democratic country for a long time and they have one of the best economies in the world.

A capitalist country, the country is driven by free enterprise. Free enterprise is the freedom for private businesses to operate for a profit without interference from the government. Therefore unlike a totalitarian government the people don’t have the tension of the government interfering in their businesses. Also if businesses are free then they tend to innovate more, come up with more ideas and therefore there will be more competition and competition will make them do anything to attract customers and after all of this hard work, the economy of the country goes up.

For example, America is a capitalist country. After America has become a capitalist country, their economy has boomed. This is because in a capitalist government people are free to choose what they wanted to do and if people are interested in something then they tend to do well at it. A capitalist government is driven by free enterprise, like in America so there are a lot of businesses which run and since there is little government interference, more people are motivated to innovate in order to beat their competition and they keep innovating in order to be the best and this causes a boom in the economy. Free enterprise spawns creativity and innovation. It leads to economic growth and since more businesses have been setup and the economies have grown the people become richer and this also improves their living standards. They get to live a more luxurious lifestyle in better homes.

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