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Communism is the highest and perfect stage of society. In communism there will not be government and any form of social structure. Every one works according to his ability and gets according to his needs. This ideal situation happens because the consciousness of human beings will be very high and work towards the benefits of all unlike the present greedy society. Every thing in communism is advantage and there will not be any disadvantage.

Communism is when all people of the society work for the society, and not for themselves. Everyperson, in essense, fills a billet that is designed for the good of the whole.

Benefits, in pure communism, not the monstrosity that the USSR tried to pull off, are that everyone has food on their plate and a place to live.

The disadvantages, and realilty, people are not equivically rewarded for the job they perform, there is no incentive to better yourself. A doctor would make the same salary as a store clerk.

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