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If capitalism was supposed to be a justified system and a promotion for people’s freedom, why would people revolt and fight against their unfair treatment? The problems that show up in news everyday always rise from suffer of people from economical deficiencies or the disregarding of the lower class. The conflicts between the rich and the poor, and the conflicts between the high class and the lower class always have existed from a class-existing society called capitalism. Can these also be freedom? Capitalism is just a system that benefits small percent of the people in the high position. In capitalism, people without money can never survive. No matter how people claim to have a fair-class society, there surely exists a difference between the higher-economic class and the lower-economic class in capitalism, and as far as this class-formation from relentless individualism exists, the injustice among the society has got to be remaining in the world.

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Communism is a political movement which believes in an economic system in which the government controls the means of producing everything for all people, aiming to create a society in which everyone is treated equally. Its Latin root word, “commune,” means “sharing and associating” indicating that the property of a certain community belongs to all members of a social system. Wealth is distributed equally among people. This system detects the deficiencies of morality between people made through the reasoning based on wealth. Communism criticizes the capitalism’s private property of people, which means that people with money are the ones who survive in society. No matter how hard a person tries, a person without any economical support would have an extremely small percentage to succeed in this world. On the other hand, communism, based on a shared property system, tries to create much rational and justified society through giving people the equal rights to gain money and succeed altogether.

The word communism flourished through the ideology of Karl Marx, who claimed to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor and have a justified classless society ruled by the proletariats. From the ancient times of the history, people have always desired to have a fair treated society. Most of the big and small revolutions throughout the history, such as the French Revolution, American Civil War, and even a religious movement called Reformation caused from the improper treatment towards the lower class and the corruption of the people in the higher class, who could do anything as long as they gained money. And the utopia that people during those revolutions always dreamed of was always the ideal mind of a society called communism, in which all people could be treated equally and live in prosperity and peace.

There have been some governments in the past which claimed to have communism, such as the Soviet Union and China, which people call as the “failed societies.” However, I believe that these nations did not understand the true concept of communism, but rather borrowed a name called communism in order to fill up government’s greed for money.

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