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RSS Vivid

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But if people get benefit equally, then nobody will try to work harder... Avoidably Government forced citizens... citizens will be suffered then how can we say it is equal...

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Capitalism is an economic system where wealth is privatized, that is, controlled by individuals. In the present of the world, more than 80 % countries of the world prefer capitalism more because of the ideology of capitalism. Their main ideology is “country must give freedom to people”. The capitalism government of the people was built by the people for the people.

First of all, economically, each person’s wealth is distributed unevenly. People can gain more their own benefits by how much and long we work hard. Also the benefits that they earned, is privately owned. Nobody can control or take over from them. Also, some When people compete against one another, they achieve greater things. When individuals work to enrich themselves, they benefit society as a whole - the invisible hand of the marketplace, leading individuals to work for the greater good, even though their main concern is themselves.

Furthermore, the main ideology of capitalism is that human right is the most important than anything. Each person has their own thoughts. People need freedom and they should use freedom. But Capitalism forces to change their own ideas and right. In capitalism, they should hear, saw and feel what the government wants. They just keep push and control every citizen’s right. Only the people who have power get only benefits. Also, their leader should be chose by the previous leader without any citizen’s thought. Unlikely capitalism countries, in the capitalism, people choose their leader by them fairly.

The achievements of capitalism in the advanced industrial economies have spread across the world as capitalism itself has spread. More people have been lifted from starvation in the past two decades than ever before in human history, and the economic rise of countries such as China and India is bringing improved standards of living to millions. Capitalism has achieved more for humanity than any other institution people have developed. That is why most of countries are being capitalism.

Plus… one question for communism sides… if people satisfy of the life in communism, then why everyone tries to escape from their in every day?

Escaping North Korea part 1- BBC documentary (English Subs)
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