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Both - the idea is idealistic and impractical, and the policies used to practice communism are even more radical and in the best interest of mediocrity and sameness among the population.

2 points

I did not say that China and Russia are successful - in fact, China has the largest population in the world, and they are still in the dumps, with only half the GDP of the United States (which has roughly a QUARTER of the people that China has). And you're right, North Korea isn't exactly communist - it is actually less extreme. This means that however bad North Korea is doing right now, if they were purely communism, they would be even worse! Thanks for pointing that out. See, communist ideology is so flawed that even with your argument for communism, you're actually giving me things to go against it!

4 points

You're wrong actually. Communism does not use a merit based system. If you studied the topic, you would know that this means that yes, EVERYONE gets "a piece" of the factors of production - and no, contrary to your flawed argument, there is no private property. Regardless of merit or effort, communism gives everyone a bit of everything - but yeah, it seems like it's working, because some of the best countries in the world use communism right?! Don't you just love North Korea, or China, or Cuba? They're doing so well right now, that's why just about everyone wants to go isn't it?

6 points

Last time I checked, the incentive is working, because the United States has the best defense system and program, totes a 15 trillion dollar GDP (over twice that of China), and is 4th in HDI (human development index, a tool which measures how developed a country is, taking into account LIVING CONDITIONS, working conditions, production, etc.), of which none of the countries in the top three might I add are communist states.

0 points

So you support North Korea then? Being on the communist side, I'm sure you dearly supported their recent nuclear test having been unauthorized and openly oppressed by nations worldwide, including their "partner in crime", China. Of course, now that we think about it, nobody cares because their closest attempt to a nuclear missile will be a water jug with radioactive material thrown inside, strapped to a rocket with duct tape, lit by a match and thrown into the air by a few bulky Korean guys - that of which will end up falling down after the first thousand feet on their own country and blowing themselves up, which is basically what every other country has wanted to do but sadly, has not been able to as a result of North Korea's childish temper tantrums. But yeah, this apparently makes sense according to your argument, as this little puke of a communist state is obviously something you support.

8 points

Capitalism proves to be unquestionably more productive, effective, and just towards the nation upon which it serves in comparison to communism. There are countless reasons for this - however, simply several important ones will suffice in showing how this incredible system outmatches its weakness-ridden opponent known as communism.

Firstly, capitalism is based on a meritocracy, which refers to a society where people are rewarded for their actions through merit, meaning that the harder they work, or the more valuable their work is, the more they are acknowledged and rewarded. This is not only by far the most just way of doing things, as it rewards those who work hard for their diligent actions, but is also the most productive manner upon which to run the economy, since it provides people with an incentive to work harder and aspire to great things. This aspiration and determination to accomplish more is what fuels the economy, and stimulates the production of high-quality goods and services and the presence of dedicated individuals who make it all happen. Communists might argue that this leads to wealth being distributed unevenly and unfairly among the public, yet it is these same countries based on communist ideals, such as DPRK (North Korea) and China, that can only boast about having some of the worst living and working conditions and highest poverty rates in the world. The communist mindset supports and gives excuse to the lazy and incompetent workers resting unproductively in society. Those who have earned nothing and deserve no reward from their merit are babied and literally given the same rewards, in the forms of money, property, etc., as those who work harder than anyone else, and have earned their rewards due to relentless determination and dedication. Communism tries to convince the masses that it is fair. Does this seem fair to you? If it does, then it may be wise to move to a communist country. Oh wait, they won’t let you in because of their biased immigration policies. Still seem like a better option?

In addition, communism not only promotes mediocrity, but but takes away almost all freedom on the public and corporate level. As mentioned, there is no private property or private ownership of the factors of production. Communists say “you bet that’s right, because the people own the factors of production”. Sure, every single person “owns” them theoretically, not just corporations or those who have earned the ownership through merit - but what does this really mean? If the factors of production are represented as a cheese cake, communism “generously” and “fairly” allows every single person to have, yes that’s right, a grain of the graham cracker crust. Sure, wouldn’t it be great if we all got at least some of that graham cracker crust, even if it’s just a little bit - but what’s the point if you get so little that you can’t even experience the pleasure of tasting it? And even more so, what you work 10 times harder than the person sitting next to you, yet there you both are, sitting with the same tiny crumb thinking about the best way to savour that miniscule peace of heaven. Capitalism, on the other hand, lets those, who have earned it of course, take their share of that cheesecake, not to mention how much bigger the cheesecake would be considering that free market economies founded upon the concept of capitalism lead to enormously higher production rates and GDP. The United States, arguably the most capitalist and free enterprise nation, maintains over a 15 trillion dollar GDP each year, compared to it’s next closest competitor, China, who by the way is arguably a communist state, which has less than half of that very number at roughly 7 trillion dollars. This isn’t emotional viewpoints, this isn’t persuasion, this isn’t even a debate - these are the facts. Of course, knowing communist states, they don’t even publish the correct facts about their nation in the first place - when was the last time you heard of North Korea’s pathetic GDP? That’s because they don’t publish one. But in a way, they have reason, because it’s better that these lesser countries hide their failures than pollute the rest of the world with their putrid, overflowing cesspool that is represented by their inadequate communist governments.

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